Visual Content Management for Scalypso

Optimize and extend the powerful 3D modeling capabilities of Scalypso.
The Plantview extension organizes your projects, increases productivity and extends your communication options within the company and your clients.


Organize your Scalypso projects in one location making it easy to find and access them. Remove the challenges of a file-based system.


Manage user access and permissions by assigning project areas to your Scalypso users. Administer and optimize data handling by syncing only the data required to your users. Keep data and revisions up to date. Centralize and reduce administrative work.

Structure complex projects

With the Plantview extension you can better structure complex projects and increase productivity and efficiency with a dynamic customizable visual interface. Extend accessibility by assigning categories, dates, altitudes, and user permissions.

Navigate with a dynamic customizable visual interface

Plantview provides a dynamic customizable visual organization for the Scalypso project and its scans. The required scan locations can be searched, filtered, visually localized and efficiently selected for modeling.

Extend your project data

Integrate: Images, 360° panorama images, Documents, CAD Drawings, Information points.

Communication platform

Share scans, imaging, and documents for viewing or editing. Communicate and organize information.

Extend communication to the cloud

The Plantview cloud extension, if activated, is designed to securely communicate the visual information in the project to any remote device with an internet access. User access can be extended to the whole project or smaller areas of the project based on preference. During a site visit a project engineer can have access to documentation needed or communicate imaging and comments back to the design team. Data security is a priority for this service.

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